5 Helpful New Parent Tips

New parent? Here are 5 helpful nuggets of wisdom from our advisors and other Parents insider that are sure to come in handy.  

  1. Live in the now. Don't worry too much about your checklist––laundry, pumping, or buying essentials. Take time to enjoy the precious memories with your baby.

2. Trust your instincts. Even if you can't pinpoint what's actually going wrong when your baby is feeling ill, your gut will tell you when to make the right decision. 

3. Act silly. We know you want to be a perfect parent from the beginning, but let's be realistic that's impossible. Laugh and be silly with your baby and let them soak in the enjoyment of laughter and giggles from their loving parents.

4. Back up your photos and videos. From the beginning, you will want to record every moment you and your baby will create together. Those memories you will want to keep for years to come. Invest in a cloud service or extra hard drive.

5. Give yourself timeouts. You may feel that things are becoming overwhelming and difficult to grasp. Taking a break gains you positive energy for not only you, your baby as well and things can flow more freely and fun. 

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